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Intimation: An hour work in Mangalore made me plan for two days, on track watching for places to step in and food to crunch, wrapped up a couple of places to stopover.

About the habitation: A set apart geography which has the Arabian sea at one side and the mountain range of Western Ghats at another side, it is said to be named after goddess Mangaladevi, It is called by many names from the locals.

Space: Booked our stay in Moodbidri which is an hour drive from Mangalore, an old house which still has the old charm.

My previous experience about the place: Had been once however, I did not explore much,
so this journey was indeed fresh for me and again due to time constraint covered only a few places in the mountain range, I always liked to interact with Mangalorean’s coz of their Kannada ascent.

It was 3 days getaway, day 1- started early in the dawn on my four-wheel toy with the pack of four people as we have to reach our end point by 11, and it was my first long drive after dusting cabin air filter personally as it was not cleaned for several months, vacuuming air filter may be usual for most however it was my first stint and was cautious, but yeah it was flawless for a long drive.

We took about 7 hours to touch our target with few stops on the way, upon where there was a cherished chase near Dharmasthala,
It was with one of the best in our town, I was thrilled as it had been too long since I had revved at my fullest – Porsche Maccay and BMW X1, the rush was just to look at Porsche,
yes, I understand pursuing 2-litre engine which has a wild 252 bhp with my 1.5-litre engine of 90 bhp motor-powered is not child’s play, nevertheless, the trick is both comes under the same family and I go crazy at arcs which was favorable for me, If I remember correctly I chased both the vehicles adjacently for more than 20 minutes,
in a statement, my close one who was along with me told not to surpass so I retained space, I realized if I handle a bit more wisely I could go beyond 2-litre engine, to stop the hurtling – my fuel tank was low and I ended up turning my wheels towards fuel pump, this rush was one of the chaos which I twisted in recent times.

We reached our last stop consuming 7 hours.

We finished our work after which it was the time to travel around, as we had our work next to the very famous ice cream parlour- Pabbas,
on track our adventure begin by tasting variety of ice creams in Pabbas, I ordered my favourite Litchi fruit with Vanilla continued with Gad bad, Pabbas special which has a combination of coffee, sitapal, roasted almond with litchi syrup, honey and finally jack fruit payasam, I was on high with the flavour, felt as if it was first time eating ice cream.

After bathing in the desserts of pabbas we revved 10 more minutes to another delicious restaurant- GiriManja’s, by default there will be fish meals with the list of side dish and evidently, it is famous for seafood, I started tasting from silverfish fry[Nethaly/Bolingei] followed by prawns fry, koddai fry, crab fry, squid fry and lastly Bonda lime a local drink made out of a tender coconut, coconut and lime – I was carried away with freshness and authentic touch.

After lunch we decided to drive towards our stay, we reached by 3:30 pm, a km stretch towards the stay is fully jagged, we moved slowly, after reaching we travel around the place and I was on cloud nine by the beauty of the atmosphere, leaving aside the splendor of place I should definitely mark my words with the overwhelming warmth of the hosts, the way the whole family treated us made me star struck, we decided to take rest for the day as we woke up early in the morning, by evening hosts greeted us with jackfruit appalam [a local snack made out of jackfruit and seasoned dough] and lime juice,for dinner hosts came with a homemade meal, fish curry with boiled rice, food is nothing but delight for me and having one of the yummiest food would undeniably make me go crazy, commonly I try to eat minimal food for dinner,
still, with the tasty food being in front of my senses, I could not resist myself.

Day 2- we did not had any stable plan, one of my sister in law shared me pic of a exclusive place, and yes I started driving towards the same place, it was about 2.5 hours from moodbidri, after reaching I was saddened as lots of expansion works going on and the uniqueness of the place has been compromised for it – Mravanthe one of the finest places where ocean hits on one side and river flows on other side, I was wondering maravanthe for close to 3 hours, we started back around 12 30 pm, and the topic of food grew, we marched to a local hotel in kundapura – Udaya poornima restaurant, which had again fish meals and two selection of fish fry, which is mackerel[Bangude/Kanakeluthi] and Dart[Kaduva].

After lunch, we reached back near moodbidri, a Jain temple famous for its thousand pillars,
this temple charges us 5 INR for entry and 50 INR for taking pics from DSLR Camera, Sun was already setting down so we reverted way back to stay, about a km before stay there is Annaporneshwari temple which has an elephant and a cow residing, I hate those cages as it is both emotional and physical torture for any animals, next to the temple we found few number of cashew trees where we plucked some, again for dinner we had home cooked foodstuff, yet again I had enjoyable food.

Day3 – we started on the road to Bangalore, with treasured generosity from the hosts who were there to send off with loads of mangoes, jack fruits, pickles and much more.

We were very much paying attention towards Ideal ice creams which we get only in Mangalore, hence we stopped at two places only to have ice creams, tried Sapato, vanilla and butterscotch flavours.

During the lunch hour we were close to Dharmasthala where we stopped at Hotel Yaswin there we had rice, curry with Finned Bulleye [Disco] fish fry and Mackerel fish fry.

Since it was Sunday, traffic was at jam-packed, when we touched Hassan stretch in every toll booth we spent close to 10 minutes which was discomfort, that is when I again felt that returning back to Bangalore on any long weekends and Sunday is always a catastrophe.

We took approximately 9 hours to reach back to Bangalore.

What I liked about Mangalore is the climate, culture, architecture of the buildings, last but not least food, I always crave for boiled rice,
where ever we stepped in for food, I was happy eating boiled rice with fish curry.

Mangalore has one of the best beaches in India, even though I did not wonder much like I always say, I would love to visit back and cover the locality.

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