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October – A month of an exploit, passionate blows along with my toys

Three weekends, three different places with drastic situations.

Weekend 1,

Intimation: When a friend tipoffs for a getaway, a plot was built for a ride.

Bangalore to Wayanad

Bangalore to Wayanad has grown into one of my familiar routes these days; in fact, going to Wayanad has to turn out to be an each year satisfaction.

About the Habitation:

Another gigantic locality in the Southern tip of Deccan plateau and parts of Western Ghats of South India, A place which is being warmed by two of its neighbouring states, Karnataka & Tamilnadu.

About the Geography:

One of the oldest settlements in Kerala, which showers, shines and welcome us with blustery weather, Wayanad comprises of three main locations.

Route Map:

Bangalore – Mysore-Nanjangudu-Gundlupet-Wayanad-Gundlupet-Nanjangudu-Mysore-Bangalore

Previous Experience –

My first visit was with my family, which was back where I do not even remember when exactly and then with my friends each year in four wheel.


Recommended Locations: There are over 20 spots; here is the list of few

Edakkal Caves, Banasura Sagar Dam, Pookkode Lake, Chembra peak, Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuary, Karappuzha Dam, Soochippara Falls -, Kanthanpara Falls-. Meenmutty Falls –., Neelimala Viewpoint-, Wayanad Heritage Museum, Phantom rock, Karapuzha reservoir.


Required time to cover the locality: 3 to 4 days

amous places which are closer: Bandipur, Mudumalai, Nagarhole

Transportation: Buses are lavish

Accommodation: Rajiv Homestay, From Ambalavayal about 4 km – Stay was a disaster so I would not recommend this to any.


Distance Covered: 750 km approximately

Time taken: 2 Days


Total number of folks: 11 [1 four-wheel, 4 two wheelers]

Total expense: 2589 per head

About Journey:

Day 1 –

My first ride with full armour – Wearing all riding kit together made me, walk and move like an infant where all my friends were feeling pity for me looking at my scuffle to own it.

Ride always intrigues me, during our initial plan, they were more number of people who were attentive, like all the time, due to inevitable reasons, many moved out of the proposal.

Being a two-day expedition, I had intended to start early morning, one set of pack decided to meet at NICE road which is near Mysore road and another set of friends from my house, we started early in the morning and as discussed we reached at our meeting point and we all spent 30 min with no sign of other pack to join us, since we were getting bored to death of waiting, we decided to move and started throttling towards Mysore when we were approaching Bidadi we were stopped by cops to check my Toy’s document, all the docs were verified and we were let go, powered on my toy again towards destination.

Since we started early and all of our pack were starving, finding a right eateries early in the morning is tedious, however after reaching Mandya near bus stand, there were couple of roadside eateries boiling morning refreshments, we stopped to have tea and in turn it became our breakfast time eating yummy Idly, we observed our clock and still we did not come across with our other pack of friends who were supposed to join us.

Instead of waiting I told my pack to start revving as I have precise place to stop every time I cross Mandya, A water cannel which will be in full throttle during rainy season, most of my stops there have resulted with seeing cows and bulls being scrubbed by growers, this water channel surrounding has enough space to park our wheels. Each one of our pack enjoyed thoroughly by playing in the water, clicking photos and I in fact had a short nap.So all these fun time was to pass our time to meet our other set of pack who were supposed to join in Bangalore border, finally we met them and resumed our journey, nowadays traffic between Bangalore & Mysore has worsen hence we were forced to slow down in many places till we reached Mysore, we took outer ring road of Mysore and stopped again for another break at a road side eateries, we had Idly, Poori and Rice with Vada which was yum.

Time taken to reach Mysore was six horrible hours due to unavoidable reason and it was one of the dumbest time recorded in my travel dairies.

Since we took way too long to reach Mysore than what we had initially planned for, our next goal to stop was in Wayanad, we decided to stick with minimal speed of 70 to 80 KMPH and reached Wayanad by noon.

Crossing the woodland is always the best experience we can ever feel, so enjoyable and reviving.

Every time when I reach Wayanad I stop in a particular spot and have a glimpse at the exit of Wayanad forest section.

Since it was already noon, we were in a tight spot if we shall go to Homestay and then move around or have lunch and then go to Homestay.

At last I requested my pack to reach Homestay first as I want to get out of my riding pant since climate was freaking hot and I could not able to handle.

Homestay, which we booked, was the same homestay where we stayed a year back, back then it was amazing to stay with a tea estate in its surrounding. Since I could not recall the location, I tried reaching contact person of the Homestay and due to language hold, it was difficult to catch him up, somehow we managed and met him who guided us to his Homestay. As in when we reached, we rushed to our rooms and occupied. It was relief for me to remove my riding pant. Our pack had split into two in the whole journey, yes the same pack whom we were waiting at the start of our journey was way back behind us due to unavoidable reason, since It was already getting on, we all got relaxed and decided to move out, like always even though we had planned for many places to visit, we were numb to choose and we simply started moving to reverse direction which we came from and stopped in a small hotel for Lunch, It was one of the tastiest food and we all enjoyed the food which includes fish-beef lots of vegetables with rice, veg curry and fish curry to end finally with tea, after eating so much of food we all felt like sleeping but yeah it is not the right time to sleep, we are wanderers so we left from the spot and in 30 we reached Phantom rock, a mountain which is being tumble-down by stone quarrying on one side and another side with a spectacular viewpoint covering forest range of Wayanad, it was early evening and we can see clouds were gathering and in another 10 minutes, we were running to cover ourselves from rain, after the rain effect made the spot much more attractive.

After escaping from rain we were heading towards another spot which was closer in maps, when we reached there we found that it was not a tourist destination or a place to stop –it was a village with few set of houses and hence we planned to move another location, on the way we found a small waterways and stopped by, it was one of the best experience to play in the running water.


I had yet another unobserved location in Wayanad and I took my pack to the spot, we have to trek for about 20 min to reach the peak which made two of my friends to halt nearby and rest all in full swing climbed, once we reached the spot it was breathtaking, even though it was my third time visiting the same location it was energizing, we realized it is already late evening and the sun which was making its way to set made the dusk stunned.Each one of us were on cloud nine and reached back to homestay – rest assured end of the day with bulky banquet.

Day 2 –

We did not plan much to move around as it was Sunday and return traffic to Bangalore will be always sky high.We had one of the posh breakfast in homestay which was not worth with the quantity and taste, I was disappointed and packed our bags to start back for the day.

My plan was to revv along with all however like day 1, day 2 also made our pack isolated, one set of our pack started revving and on the way we found yet another spot where we halted on our last visit.It was eye-catching river flow with a mammoth tree making us way above the river, each of us in our pack started roaming and capturing the minute and I caught with itchy feeling on my neckline and when I swayed my hand found a BLANKET worm, the itchy feeling started increasing along with inflammation, my pack started cleaning the worm hair which had prodded in my skin, with no other option and with puffed-up neck we started back, again crossing the forest range made me feel triumph.


Crossing Nanjangudu was impressive pathway as it was raining greatly. We reached Mysore by mid of the day and started searching for a hotel to have lunch in outer ring road,I stopped by a couple of places which was closed and found a hotel which we felt worth the wait for its tasty foodstuffs and our next stop was again for food, this stop was famous for its sweet and surely you will feel the hot sweets wiggling in your taste bud.

After tasting sweet at Ramnagar, we had planned to stop by Bidadi to catch up with the rest of our packs.Reaching Bidadi was terrible with slow-moving traffic flow, on top of that a disclosure was waiting for me which was my two-wheel toy, it stopped running, to begin with, I have experienced this many times however all those stops was in Bangalore, luckily this time was in the border, I tried reaching out all my friends, I got so many recommendations and finally, my broh rang to his contact and our advice was to somehow drop my toy in nearby KTM service center which was about 5km away, we hired a luggage van and dropped my two wheel toy for restoration, at one side I was getting frustrated with the frequent maintenances my two-wheel toy was coming up with and on another side felt happy since it did not make me left out in the middle of the forest that too almost 300km away from home.

Now my toy is tolerable with a couple of ongoing disputes.

Finishing up with my sad experience let me share another escape from another person in my pack –As I said early we all planned to catch up with rest of our packs in Bidadi so one pack of my friends who reached first stopped at the planned spot and was about to cross the road, by miss she got bumped on the partition and was about get collided by the big trucks which was crossing the highway, I still, remember where my broh said it was the scariest moment in our recent journey.

Reached back home late night recalling the moments we had in our 2-day voyage – fun time registered again.


Thanks for reading – will come over again with weekend 2 write up.

Toy Traveller.

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