Toy Traveller – Bangalore to Belagavi to Bombay

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Bangalore to Belagavi to Bombay

Total KM ceiled – 2271

Total Toll Charges – 2290

Total Fuel Charge – 8120

Total Road trip expense for 3 folks – 20k

For every traveler in Bangalore, a road trip to Bombay is a dream, this is the stint I rewarded my demand.

Being an extensive drive, I had planned well ahead, so this write up I would like to share my trails on this voyage.

It is all started when I decided to meet two of my friends who are placed too far away from Bangalore- which is Pune and Bombay, though one of my friend’s hometown is Raybag which is close to 2 hours from Belgavi and closer to Karnataka – Maharashtra border.

I made this journey as an week long by looking at the positions, so my option of stay was Chitradurga[My in law house], Pune[friend’s house] and lastly Bombay[friend’s house] – but before start of the journey I got to know my friend had reserved stay in two places that is one day at Mahabaleshwar while going and another day at Satara while returning.

Started my journey from Bangalore on Friday night, so Friday night halted at In-law house, Saturday spent whole day at home.

As planned started to Belgavi Sunday early in the morning, when I looked at map, it was showing three different ways, where in one route map I noticed Badami, however the route to Badami was 3 hours more than the usual route, so with no option left started revving my four wheel toy towards Hubli stretch, I have to surely mention about the stretch between Chitradurga to Hubli where whole stretch was ruined for expansion, stamping at my break every now and then made my foot stressful, once we reached Hubli the road was extremely good and we reached my friends house by 12 in the noon, since my friends house is a village, I did not expect such an view of farmlands, I had never witnessed such an large scale of sugarcane plantation, each and every farm land in the entire villages in and around Belagavi was full of Sugarcane. After reaching my friends house we refreshed with the warm welcome of my friends whole family, ultimately I have to say that I was flooding in the love of my friend and his family, how lucky I’m to get such a friend who took break of 1 entire week just to be with us, after getting familiarized with friends family in his house, he took us to introduce his other set of extended family which was goats, cows and buffalos later he showed us the path towards his farm full of sugarcanes, wow yet another memory registered.

We reached back home and one of my request to my friend was to see the making of Jaggery, he instantly took us to his friends factory which was about 1000 meters away from his house, This was my first visit after plunging into digital world, hence started taking pics and videos, got wet my hands with sugar cane juice and hot melting jaggery which was straight way from the jaggery making pit, damn mouth watering time it was.

As in when we returned home, we went straight away to the kitchen and the heavenly lunch was waiting for us, ah we had a blast, spent rest of the day moving around the house which has 10 rooms and then covering ourselves from the breezy wind during the dusk, lastly with yet another heavenly dinner.

Next day plan as per my friend was to go Kolhapur – Mahalakshmi temple which is said to be very famous, hence we started early in the morning packing our breakfast from home, after reaching Kolhapur we got to know that we had missed main road to temple which took us way too long than expected, we reached the spot and first impression which I got was, is this of real : In-and out of Temple was fully surrounded by shops, footwear stands who were charging 10 for a block and also eateries all around, requested my friend that this is not my kind of place and hence he took us to another location, towards northwest of Kolhapur, right on spot I was on HIGH with its location, Panhala fort– an old fort with the view of Sahyadri mountain range, spent more than an hour taking pics and vids all around which made our clock turn towards noon and I was hungry, our next destination was Mahabaleshwar so I started revving towards it but was damn hungry where I started looking for Restaurants all the way, to my bad luck I stopped at an restaurant where I had chappati and roti both assured disappointment, so I had a check with my friend if we can go to the hotel which he has uttering earlier located in Satara, about 2 hours journey we reached the spot, none of us were hungry but I wanted to taste the food which my friend was suggesting, he ordered Chiken Malvani – an spicy curry with all mouth watering ingredients, my friend said, it was not so good, however since it was my first try I liked it – but I would not say it as an must try though. After forcefully filling our tummy we resumed our drive towards Mahabaleshwar, there was two roads showing the map and we took one which was closer, however it was a bad decision since roads were rugged , to our comfort the mountain range near Mahabaleshwar during sunset made us soothing, the color changes of the sky and the curvy roads in the highland filled my soul, reached hotel by late evening and bumped in the bed.

Mahabaleshwar – One of the popular tourist destinations for folks in Maharashtra, even though my friend had many plans to move around from morning, I requested him to cut with one or two places so we went straight to Elephant’s head point, not sure why the name but the mountain range was gigantic, it took easily 2 hours for us to roam around which was worth the climb, the rugged path with green trees helping us with its shadow made our time enjoyable, Mahabaleshwar’s forest range is one of the must-sees for sure, later we decided to head towards Bombay, the way down the hill was pure bliss for a drive, reached back to Satara highway and the whole way to Bombay was full mountain range, I loved the drive. I was surprised by the traffic in Pune, I crossed the city easily which I had never experienced in my entire road journey, my friend said it is one of the best place to drive and then another surprise the stretch from Pune to Bombay, wow another stretch to fill your drive thrust, Reached Bombay late evening, actually my friend was staying in Thane, in her current house parking was a nightmare so I just grabbed a spot nearby which was empty, what a relief – reached home took shower and tried to hold on myself for my friend to arrive from her work schedule, by the time she reached I ate yummy dinner which was a high octane Kerala food – Biryani and fish fry, once my friend reached had a chat and slept off.

So my next two days in Bombay I decided not to move my four wheel toy from the occupied parking slot hence decided to move out in public transport, to reach the railway station which is 1 km away, we took an auto-rickshaw, damn it the guy who was taking us in auto was literally taking us like a roller coaster ride, wearing a red color sunglass and moving across like movie hero, should appreciate his confidence, our first stop was at a shopping mall nearby and then met my long-time friend who was in Bombay, meeting her for the first time felt happy, after meeting her had lunch together near Thane railway station, which was pav bhaji with Vada pav, have to say that Maharashtra survives with Pav-bhaji and Vada-Pav, I requested my friend to take us to India gate which was in my checklist after watching Varanam Ayiram movie song, got down in CST made me wonder was this really a railway station, an architectural Brit marvel, after coming out from railway station my friend said, this is one of the landmarks in the city, obviously it has to be, by checking at the rates of the shared drive, we took a cab to India Gate and the whole stretch made me fall in love with Bombay, the city’s architecture is super cool which attracted me the most, after spending some time and taking pictures, my friend suggested another place which I didn’t expect that to be one of the best Beach in our country – Marine Drive, man oh man, guess this beach alone is enough for me to reason out for reaching Bombay any time, we sat for sometime at the beach side and enjoyed the view of marine drive’s night life after which we walked from one end to another end more than an hour which in turn become another unforgettable memory in my travel league, we reached back home late night completed our day having dinner which was again my favorite fish.

Waking up late for the next day to leave Bombay – we packed or luggage’s and filled our water bottles, again should mark my words about my friends mom how kind of her to prepare lot of foods all the time and packed box full of yummy crunchy homemade chips and laddu, by the time we were ready it was noon and obviously had our lunch and left Thane, being noon traffic was less so it was an easy exit from the beautiful city, our next decided destination was Satara, on the way we stopped at Pune to buy snacks which my friend said it is one of the tasty snacks in Pune and reached Satara by night, I requested my friend to look for an best restaurant to have dinner, hence he guided us to Nation11 in Satara – as in when we entered the restaurant premises I felt warm with its Location and lighting, we took a table near an open space looked at the menu card and ordered one of my favourite starters – Harabara Kebab and later we again went with Chicken Malwani, chapati and roti, yum it was, the best place to taste, after dinner we went ahead to the location where my friend had booked to stay.

I enjoyed driving up and down to Bombay especially the tunnels with well-maintained roads and lightings – Drive mode on.

Our next action plan was like what we did in Mahabaleshwar, planned to visit one or two places in the surrounding, hence we moved towards Ajinkyatara Fort, yet another beautiful place to explore, we trekked for over 2 hours and decided to end our journey in Satara, I turned on my toy and revved to my friends home town in Belagavi, since we did not spent much time in my friends house, I decided to reach early which turned the clock by evening, since we were all set to drive back to Bangalore for the next day, my friend and family were busy packing loads of gifts and eateries for us, all the foods which I had in my friends house was new to me and filled my food carving, my friends dad shared his experience of the work he do and the people lifestyles in the village, even though it was difficult for me to understand the slang, I enjoyed the time I had conversed with my friend’s dad and the rest of the family members.

Finally, I started back early morning, it was a steady speed towards Bangalore with few stops on the way, reached back Bangalore by evening.

Most of my journeys are planned either to friend’s house or along with friends to my relative’s house, likewise this road trip made me awe with the other part of Western Ghats and the love and affection which I received from my friends and family, again and again yet another unforgettable memory registered.

Thanks much for reading till now, cheers and big hug to all readers.

And a tight hug to my friends Chetan Waghmode Drishya Devanand Nandini B

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