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Intimation: Friends Bridal in Chennarayapatna which in turn thru me towards Mudigere

About the habitation: Mudigere is part of Malenadu’s Chikkamagaluru in South India, rainfall is said to be high in this region, The language spoken is Kannada, mode of earning majorly depends on Agriculture where coffee covers most of the region followed by rice, millet, pepper, paddy, cardamom and tea, Transport is mainly bus, the nearest railway is Hassan and nearest the airport is Bangalore.

Famous whereabouts which are closer: Mangalore, Charmadi, Kudremukh and Dharmasthala

Space: We stayed in my Brother in Law house.

The previous experience about the place: It was new for me however, my friends had visited a couple of times before and their experience was full of mist covered scenes.

Journey – It was during the month of April where I got to know about a friends bridal in Chennarayapatna, marriage was on weekends which is why I had a chance to plan well in advance, I intended to revv across Chikkamagalur by residing at my brother in law house which is in Mudigere.

Like all times I called up my friends if they can join along with me and to end with the result was 10 travel mates with two cars and one bike, my early proposal was of 2 days however when I was speaking with one of my friend, we altered the plan to 3 days which everyone else was glad to wander. Since there was no change in our purpose and my brother in law’s house had enough space to accommodate all of us, I started looking for places to visit in and around Mudigere.

The list of places which I planned primarily to visit was Charmadi Ghat, Bellarayana durga fort, Bandaje arbi falls, Devaramane viewpoint, Madiaadi viewpoint, Didupe waterfalls, Madugundi falls.

The places which we covered during the journey was Kelagur tea estate, Rani Jhari viewpoint, Hebbe Waterfalls, Devaramane, Belur, Halebeedu and lastly Shravanabelagola.

Usually while pre-planning for any voyage we will make sure to create a group and we chat all the planning’s in the group chat, along with chat a few days prior to the journey we get in touch in a conference call and choose where-what-when and how we will run the journey.

Day 1 – The day arrived and we all planned to move out of Bangalore by early morning 4, as intended we all moved out of the city by gathering at Nelamangala by 5 AM.

This ride was my first with riding pant, wearing riding pant and a jacket was hefty to handle, yet looking at protection perspective it’s much vital.

We decided to twist our toys at 80 to 100 which is profuse for our journey.

After taking a couple of stops in-between for a tea break and breakfast we crossed Belur by 11 and our next stop fatefully was next to Ice Cream parlor and most of my pack every time plunge into it, we spent over an hour savoring diverse flavors which were available in the parlor and touched Bankal which is the place my brother in law was housing, as it was working day for him he had given house key in a nearby shop, once we reached the house we all deserted our luggage’s and took a break since we had the chance to cook food we started cooking and done with our lunch by 2.

Even though there was considerable rainfall a day before we went, our journey time was very hot and it was harsh for me to handle the heat with riding gear, due to hot climate and also during our initial plan we had waterfalls in the list so we first thought to step in a waterfall, we got a recommendation to visit a restaurant near Kelagur to sip a cup of tea, yet again we did not plan to stop near eateries but we ended up switching off our toys after looking at the spectacular locality of Tea estates nevertheless, we sipped tea and was certainly delightful, Kelagur Tea Estate has the wildest antiquity, it is said that in historic days Kelagur King came up with his own money where people in this geography was alone using this particular money for their daily needs, I believe this king was a super genius.

After our break, we were heading towards our first boundary to visit – Rani Jhari, we reached the spot by evening where we got to know by the locals that there is no waterfall which is nearby, another problem was about a KM before the viewpoint roads were uneven which was not suitable for hatchback, I took my two wheel toy to the spot and was blown away with enormous viewpoint, the rest of my pack parked their four-wheel toys and started walking towards the viewpoint, as in when everybody assembled we started trekking which was unforeseen and one of the best craziest memory in my travel diaries, Rani Jhari has less footfall due to which its magnificence is an apple in our eyes, when we climbed to a range on top of the hill to get a glimpse of sight, what was in the audible range is chirping of birds below the hills, it was so amusing my friends on the go took a catnap on the rock beds, with such a heartening trek we reached back home and had dinner near the house which was pathetic, with the disappointment of dinner, we ended up our day along with constant electricity cuts.

The whole night I was amazed at the experience of revolting Thunder roar with rain, for first time in my life I had experienced such kind of rumbling thunder.

Day 2 – few of us went for a walk and we found a Guava tree which might have fallen down due to rain, we started grabbing hand full of fruits and returned back home.

Our day 2 visit was straight to the waterfalls which were again a disappointment, Hebbe falls is very small and crowded always which is not my kind of spot to visit, after spending close to half an hour or so clicking countless pictures on our camera we left the place.

Our next move was Devaramane even though it was not in our attention to stopover, due to is proximity we decided to go, however between Hebbe falls and Devaramane there are no restaurants to eat, again we went back to Mudigere in search of food. We finished lunch and turned our toys towards Devaramane, track to devaramane is damn cool, and once we reached I was like yes one of my wish to take a snap with my two wheel toy with a backdrop of enormous hills fulfilled, it was yet again one of the best time in my travel diaries, loved each and every single minute in the spot, after an hour or so devaramane was covered with chilly mist and yeah we were enjoying a lot, one of the visitor suggested me to leave early as it might rain heavily, hence I requested my pack to start soon, in devarmane there is very old Kalabairaveshwara temple which is said to be built by cholas, by late evening we started back to the house, again the road towards the house was beautiful where peacocks and peahens were flying along with us, to my surprise we reached back home in 15 minutes, I was not aware that there was a shortcut to Bankal and later we felt that we could have spent more time in the mist covered hills, once we reached home we had a deep aroma of Biryani which was being cooked by my brother in law, whoa it was one of the best I had ever tasted.

Few words from my friend about Devaramane “ drenched by the love of mist”

Day 3 – was purely meant for marriage however since we had a couple of folks for whom these locations might become very rare to visit again, we headed first to Belur which was locked and moved to Halebeedu, we were right on time where the sun was welcoming us with its rays touching the architectural Marvel, we rushed from the spot towards marriage hall as it was getting late, we reached chennarayapatna by morning 9 AM and occupied a room in the marriage hall, as we have to get ready for the function, requested my friends to relax till marriage got over, should definitely mention about the food in marriage which was yum.

After marriage, we left the spot and decided to go Shravanabelagola, since I was damn tired because of the journey I did not hike with three others who were accompanying me, rest all climbed up and they took easily an hour and a half to come back.

We reached back home by sunset, once again one of the best travel days.

Takeaways from the journey – Mudigere was not good enough to have decent food at its hotels, it’s better to cook yourselves in home or usually in Homestay it is said to be good, Rani Jhari would easily sums up a day if we want to trek till the top which I will again plan for, we have to make sure to carry enough water and eateries as we do not have option to purchase anywhere closer to the viewpoint, due to constant electricity cuts better to carry battery banks for recharging our electronic devices.

Words from Roseline Femina view –

“I travelled to see what is near me”… Devaramane hills!!
Chikmangluru was not that nice to me this time, because i did not see the mist ….. that i seen 2 years ago. We planned to visit Devarmane hils, as usual we stopped near another viewpoint. And the photo session started. I was bored and suddenly this happened, we spotted the mist travel all the way through the mountains which was opposite side of where we were and came towards us.. it looked as if the mist will take us through the mountains.
Then we started towards the Devaramane hills and landed climbing a small mountain, as we progressed the entire place was embraced by the mist and we could barely see each other. Wow we were slightly drenched by the love of mist. This is one of the reason why I love Chikmangluru. We travelled to see what was near us!!!!!

Rani Jahri view point

After a long wait we decided to go to a view point called Rani Jahri. Following the maps we reached a steep which was the dead end for cars… we still had to go 350 meters ahead by walk.

Since we couldn’t see what is ahead the steep, I insisted our guys to stop the car. Still suiay attempted to go further and failed. Next it was our bruce lee (Paddy) who want to make his attempt to cross the steep… with everyone’s motivation paddy tried hard… yeah!!!!

One of front wheel on air he balanced the car in 3 wheel and attempted a free fall…… later we parked the cars aside and started walking. Quite a long walk as we thought it is only 350merers. We ended up taking a long route than a shortcut. Even that was good we had a nice view of the mountain.

Paddy calling from a distance we headed towards our right side inside bushes and yeah there we were at an awesome view point and ahead of us was another mountain and we sighted ppl coming down, getting inspired from them we had all claimed the big mountain and reached the peak… wow… no words… Did not expect such an amazing view from this hill top…

Looking down… too deep and surrounded by a lot of trees and birds returning to its nest .. wow the view was amazing when the birds are flying in group to its shelter…

it seemed like the birds are skydiving and floating on the air….

Thought nothing was planned…

Rani Jhari was epic and amazing!!!! “

End of our writings.

Note: Make sure we are not littering anywhere and keep our only earth free from debris.



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