Cauvery North Wildlife Sanctuary

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Location Check : A wildlife corridor named due its location on north of river Cauvery in Tamil Nadu, it is also a meeting point of Eastern and Western Ghats of South India, from Bangalore it is approximately 100kms.

Pitching in to my ride : As May 1st is public holiday in India, my hood had a conversation for the finest idea and wrapped up with Ride.

Like traditional way in full swing I started checking up with my circle who would be keen to join for a day ride and the result was 10 folks with 7 Toys.

Being a summer time few of my pack hesitated to step in however in the end the final pack was all set for the ride.

Target was quick enough to plump which is Cauvery North Wildlife Sanctuary – it got struck my eye while browsing in google maps,

I searched in few articles about the place and was sure this place is what I seek in a journey, all my pack was fine with destination as it was
close to Bangalore and would effortlessly sums up for a day ride.

My Toy – KTM Duke was at service center, hence I took my pops RE Classic.

Our plan was to meet up by 7 AM at Electronic city and to my disbelief we all met by 7 20 AM in the dawn,

A gift was waiting for us, which was pouring on us, guess what it was much needed blessing for a ride – the weather, a breezy day to ride in the summer time, it made our ride another memorable one.

After a polished intro as there were few newly hinged friends, we all unlocked our toys and started revving to our next stop which would be Hosur where the much needed stuff for the beginning of the day was waiting – breakfast, One of our rider suggested a road side shop next to Hosur Railway station, even though it was not the way to our final destination, we went to fulfill our hunger blow, we reached by 8 am, most of my pack ate Idly-vada and I gulped local drink made out of millets, we spent close to 30 minutes chomping foods with cost of 360 INR and started revving by 8 30 AM.

When the weather was blessing us with its breezy push, we reached our destination with 2 stops. It was 9 40 AM, my pack asked me if this is the spot, I was like may be as this was my first visit, we took couple of pictures wondering inside the sanctuary, however I’M pretty sure there is much more to explore, after our first stop in the sanctuary we advanced inside for 5 more minutes where a vast area left with fire burnt remains which in turn looking like a snow bed was resting, we again started clicking pictures and videos in the snow alike ashes after which we moved further into the sanctuary and found a temple, looks like villagers visit to the temple once in a while as there was couple of stones put together to cook, again and again we started taking photographs in the beautiful environment, after we were done with the captures we left the spot with countless pictures captured in our hand phones.

Since it was our first visit to the sanctuary and found elephants dungs in lots of places we did not explore much.

We started back to Bangalore by 11 AM , we crossed couple of villages and stopped for break where we spotted hot eateries and yeah we rushed to the spot and started munching.

I would love to visit again to the sanctuary during rainy time, even though it was a wildlife sanctuary I did not find any animals, waiting to sightsee more and to write more about this unexplored place.

Place is not feasible for 4 wheels, strictly for two wheels, if it’s 4 wheel should be ready to walk more than an hour to reach the spot.

A big shout out and warm hug to my hood who revved along with me.

                                Thanks for reading my words.

                                                           Toy Traveler.

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