Cheating Yourself For Enough Sleep – Six Reasons Why You Should Be Fair Enough With Your Sleep Cycle

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Think you do just fine on five or six hours of shut-eye? Chances are, you are among the many millions who unwittingly shortchange themselves on sleep.

Research shows that most people require seven or eight hours of sleep to function optimally. Failing to get enough sleep night after night can compromise your health and may even shorten your life. From infancy to old age, the effects of inadequate sleep can profoundly affect memory, learning, creativity, productivity and emotional stability, as well as your physical health.

People are now sleeping less than they did in the past, and sleep quality has decreased as well.

Here are 6 reasons why good sleep is important.

  1. Poor Sleep Can Make You Fat:

    Poor sleep is strongly linked to weight gain. People with short sleep duration tend to weigh significantly more than those who get adequate sleep In fact, short sleep duration is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity. In one extensive review study, children and adults with short sleep duration were 89% and 55% more likely to become obese, respectively. The effect of sleep on weight gain is believed to be mediated by numerous factors, including hormones and motivation to exercise if you’re trying to lose weight, getting quality sleep is absolutely crucial.

  2. Good Sleepers Tend to Eat Fewer Calories:

    Poor sleep affects hormones that regulate appetite. Those who get adequate sleep tend to eat fewer calories than those who don’t.

  3. Good Sleep Can Improve Concentration and Productivity :

    Sleep is important for various aspects of brain function.This includes cognition, concentration, productivity and performance 

    All of these are negatively affected by sleep deprivation.

    A study on medical interns provides a good example.Interns on a traditional schedule with extended work hours of more than 24 hours made 36% more serious medical errors than interns on a schedule that allowed more sleep 

    Another study found that short sleep can negatively impact some aspects of brain function to a similar degree as alcohol intoxication 

    On the other hand, good sleep has been shown to improve problem-solving skills and enhance memory performance of both children and adults

  4. Good Sleep Can Maximize Athletic Performance :

    Sleep has been shown to enhance athletic performance.

    In a study on basketball players, longer sleep was shown to significantly improve speed, accuracy, reaction times and mental wellbeing.

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    Less sleep duration has also been associated with poor exercise performance and functional limitation in elderly women.

    A study in over 2,800 women found that poor sleep was linked to slower walking, lower grip strength and greater difficulty performing independent activities.

  5. Poor Sleepers Have a Greater Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke:

    It’s known that sleep quality and duration can have a major effect on many health risk factors.

    These are the factors believed to drive chronic diseases, including heart disease.

    A review of 15 studies found that people who don’t get enough sleep are at far greater risk of heart disease or stroke than those who sleep 7–8 hours per night.

  6. Poor Sleep Is Linked to Depression:

    Mental health issues, such as depression, are strongly linked to poor sleep quality and sleeping disorders.

    It has been estimated that 90% of people with depression complain about sleep quality

    Poor sleep is even associated with an increased risk of death by suicide .

    Those with sleeping disorders like insomnia or obstructive sleep apnea also report significantly higher rates of depression than those without.

    Next time, when you get onto  your bed make sure you sleep enough 🙂

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