Unsafe Poem

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Unsafe Poem

Its only when you write a line

That you’ll know

If it weaves into an intoxicating wonder

Or just barely is past the fine borders

Of unacceptable metaphors.

Then on you fear

What is saved for later.

That thought in words

Put together all this time

Making it a poem.

That poem now, is read and repeated

Time after time to comprehend.

You see, that’s where it is unsafe.

In the hands of those who fathom the depth.

It is also fine to look at it being appreciated

A certain thread here & there misunderstood

I mean, they didn’t write to admire it right.

You see, its unsafe again.

In the persual of those that need it.

Your poem now is judged, felt and learnt

The appraisals and approvals are tiring.

You see, your poem is now handled

Pray, that it be with care.

For you know, that the truth is unfair.

You will still go on and ahead

New ideas in ink

They look so pretty.

You know the safety of it is in question again

But bundling the best questions over

You step up

I see, over more poems,

The inquests don’t deter you anymore

The hurdles don’t stop you

Your thoughts are on paper

Better than ever

Crossing that unsafe horizon again,

This time, a better you, as a better writer.

                                                                                                  – Ananya Manvarthe

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